PM in Lying Shock

No, not our Tony, for once, but Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsany, who has managed to kick off riots in Budapest after coming clean about lying in order to win the election in April of this year.

In a bizzarre speech (recorded shortly after April’s election victory and only recently made public) which sees the millionaire left-wing leader lurch from abject self-pity regarding the poor work of his government to self-aggrandising eulogies of his managing to achieve that “the left does not have to shit its pants from Viktor Orban [chairman of opposition Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Alliance]”, the PM admits to “lying in the morning and lying in the evening”.


Hungary, which was instrumental in the fall of Communism as hordes of East Germans were allowed to pass through its borders to reach the West, seems on paper to be one of the more successful ex-Eastern Bloc countries, and with average salaries at 750 $US a month, things don’t appear to be too bad. But Gyurcsany misled the electorate over a large budget deficit (10% of GDP) to maintain power and is now having to face up to reforms to balance the books. Hungarians, who see an increasing concentration of wealth amongst the elite, are not too happy about the prospect of tax increases and spending cutbacks, especially after voting Gyurscany in on a tax-cutting ticket. 

The protests, which don’t seem to be as bad as the media is making out if TV images are anything to go by, have been led by disruntled right-wingers who see power having been unfairly wrested from them. The PM has promised to get tough with rioters and, having spent “three minutes” giving the matter some consideration on Sunday evening before bath-time, has vowed to see through his reform programme. Unless he’s lying, that is.


~ by Daniel on September 19, 2006.

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