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With the Catalonia-Basque Country football match coming up at the beginning of next month, the Plataforma Proseleccions Esportives Catalanes is stepping up its campaign to get international recognition for the Catalan football team with a provocative TV ad.

The platform, which receives public funding from the Generalitat, has this morning screened an ad on the regional TV3 channel in which a young lad in a Catalan top tries to join in a kickabout with other youngsters, all dressed in the strips of various other countries. Unfortunately for the budding Puyol, a youth in a red top (representing Spain)refuses to let him join in unless he ditches the Catalan shirt. So the basic allegory is, keeping to strictly to the ‘all our problems come from Madrid’ script, that Spain has single-handedly denied the Catalans the right to compete on the international stage.

Unfortunately this is just not the case. It’s FIFA and EUFA who control who can play at which level, and portraying Spain as the the dinner-money-stealing bad guy is likely to rub certain sectors of the population up the wrong way, both within and outside Catalonia, and could lead to a defamation case if the Spanish Football Federation wishes to take the matter further.

On Cadena Ser’s Largero sports show last night Sergi Blázquez, secretary of the Catalan platform and nationalist-bubble inhabitant, claimed that his views represented the majority of Catalans, despite his organisation only having 2,000 members (when pressed, he went on to bang home that the members had “membership cards and everything,” as if that somehow made a difference). His association has managed to drum up 500,000 signatures in support of its ideas, but this is still only 7% of the population.  


~ by Daniel on September 22, 2006.

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