No Messing with ZP

President Zapatero, or ZP as he was known in a slightly trendier incarnation, has sent out a clear message to self-styled tough guy Nicolas Sarkozy following criticisms of Spain’s immigration policy by the French interior minister. A strident Zapatero, who must be looking forward to a good night in with first lady Sonsoles sensually whispering “I love it when you get all butch” to him as he settles down to a raw steak, let Sarko know exactly what he thought of his meddling. The president stated, “this government isn’t interested in what the French Interior Minister might have to say about immigration after what happened in the Parisian outskirts,” following a reference to the French minister’s aspersions on Spain’s mass legalisation of immigrants.

ZP was responding to questions from opposition PP leader Mariano Rajoy, who had reeled off a list of criticisms of Spain’s immigration policy from various top-level European politicians. Rajoy, whose irony detector is not all it could be, responded to ZP’s fire-and-brimstone performance by telling the president “to start governing like a normal person.” Having been left with egg on their faces following the failed attempt to pin the 11M Madrid train bombings on ETA, the PP seems to have spotted a chink in the PSOE armour and a source of potential votes with the immigration issue.   

A report out today shows that immigrants pay 8.000 million euros into the country’s coffers, so, if it can play down the security angle that the PP is gnawing away at, the PSOE may be able to minimize any damage from this one. 

Though ZP’s sentiments are admirable, his timing might be a bit out. Sarko arrives in Madrid tomorrow for a conference on immigration, following a revived get-tough-on-immigration speech made this evening. The diminutive Chuck Norris of the Elysée Palace, whose personal charms include “always sweating” and whose hobbies are rumoured to include meeting ladies while out for a jog, has euphemistically referred to “distancing” immigrants rather than “chucking them out”. So that’s okay then.  


~ by Daniel on September 28, 2006.

One Response to “No Messing with ZP”

  1. Sarkozy seems to be a bit of a model for the Spanish right, easily their favourite Frenchman. According to the papers yesterday Sarko and ZP have made it all up now and will try and be nice to each other.

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