Communication let me down

Imma Mayol, the wife of Joan Saura – ecosocialist candidate in the Catalan regional elections – has lauded her husband’s lovemaking prowess. Joan is apparently a sensitive lover and Imma says that they like nothing better than a good bunk-up after a heavy day on the campaign trail.

It’s just a shame that Joan isn’t quite as communicative when not on the job, as his ICV party is singularly failing to connect with the electorate. Whereas Artur Mas can churn out a one-sheet 21-point plan and get it to just about every household in the region, Joan gives potential voters the opportunity of logging on to his website and wading through about 60 pages of PDF files to get his message across. And he’s not really getting stuck into ‘hard’ issues; Wednesday’s main themes, for example, were votes for immigrants and euthanasia – all very worthy, but not the sort of thing that affects many voters too directly – and Joan has failed to see the irony in appealing to people who can’t vote as a way of drumming up votes.  

The youth branch of ICV, possibly inspired by their leader, was persuaded by Saura to withdraw its ‘screw the right’ campaign, which comes complete with a complementary condom, as it was seen to be inappropriate.


~ by Daniel on October 20, 2006.

One Response to “Communication let me down”

  1. They withdrew the ad because of a grammar mistake. The wrote “fuck yourself on the right hand side (or to the right),” instead of “fuck the right”.
    The only positive thing is that Joan and Imma have now a huge stock of obsolete condoms to continue to enjoy each other.

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