News from the campaign front

Sloppy seconds for Montilla with Laporta

Socialist candidate José Montilla has this morning wangled himself an interview with Barça president Joan Laporta – the chest-beating control freak who himself is rumoured to have political aspirations. This follows centre-right (or maybe just ‘right’) nationalist candidate Artur Mas managing to get in first yesterday.

So whereas football chairman used to slime around politicians, it’s now the other way round, as José, despite not being particularly interested in football, couldn’t be seen to be less Barça-friendly than his rival. Tony Blair has Oasis round, Artur Mas and José Montilla take it in turns to be seen having a croissant with Joan Laporta. 

Indeed there were complaints that Laporta should have favoured Mas by conceding him a chat and a coffee on Rambla Catalunya. It should come as no surprise that Laporta, a Catalanista with business interests, favours Mas, especially in view of his turning over the club accounts to celebrity economist and long-term CiU supporter Xavier Sala i Martín.

 Saura visits Planet Churro

No actual proof of this, but interesting to note the the ecosocialist candidate has shifted his campaigning since the publication of a critical Churro article the other day. Joan has stopped hitting on the fringe-issue punters, such as people who can’t actually vote in these elections, and in the final straight he’s been getting stuck into meaty issues such as health, nursery care and education.

Saura’s ICV party is also, very interestingly, laying well off the Catalanism. Whilst part of the tripartite government, party representatives toed the line in this area, probably in order not to add to the general internal discord, but the party has now thrown itself back into social policy. This could draw in disaffected lefties of a non-nationalist hue.

Young nationalists and the birth rate

The youth wing of the centre-right CiU party has been dishing out condoms in a bizarre bid to build up a sense of national identity. The packets carry the slogan volem lligar amb tu (we want to get off with you) and construir la nació (create the nation). I can’t see how keeping the birth-rate down amongst young clubbers with no nationalist tendencies is going to build up a sense of Catalan nationhood, but maybe I’m not quite reading enough into it.


~ by Daniel on October 29, 2006.

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