Egg on the churrómetro

As was to be expected, the bold predictions of the churrómetro turned out not to be a particularly valid reflection of the voting intentions of the Catalan public.

With 97% of the votes counted, the results stand like this:

CiU   48 seats

PSC    37 seats

ERC   21 seats

PP     14 seats

ICV   12 seats

Ciutadans 3 seats

Congratulations to ICV on a 3-seat increase and to Ciutadans on their spectacular burst onto the Catalan political scene. Apolgies are in order, as whilst Planet Churro has been generally supportive of the anti-nationalist initiative, it has been quite derisive about its election possibilities. Catalan nationalism and how it doesn’t help us in our daily lives is quite a sensitive issue on Planet Churro, as Mrs Churro finds herself with less possibilities of gaining nursing jobs due to candidates with less experience and qualifications getting extra ‘points’ in oposicions for having level C Catalan and storming in before her (are Catalan hospitals full of patients who would rather opt for a painful death than risk being treated a nurse who occasionally gets a pronom feble wrong?). So a voice to counter nationalism is to be welcomed here.

Though the egg-splattered churrómetro will not be getting another outing, Planet Churro is sticking with the earlier predictions on possible alliances. For all Zapatero’s talk of Montilla being free to act as he pleases, Pepe will not be allowed to play with the naughty boys from ERC, and with a gulf of 11 seats between PSC and CiU, in a sociovergente alliance the former would be forced to ‘don the apron’ as Artur Mas played to the gallery as the alpha male in the set-up. This leaves a nationalist pact as the only option. 

So, unfortunately, and let’s hope Planet Churro is wrong on this one as well, we could be in for 4 years of nationalist thought control as the PSC goes back to square one and tries to redefine itself.


~ by Daniel on November 1, 2006.

One Response to “Egg on the churrómetro”

  1. Apparently, ERC and PSC met immediately after the cava ran out last night. Fear not, it now looks as if the Tripartit might be back. I don’t want to speak too soon, but that’s what I wanted all along…

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