It looks like a Churro, Jim

The good news for anyone whose life has been inexplicably empty since Planet Churro stopped bleeping away in the outer reaches of the Universe is that, with more time on my hands and a childish urge to get the rise out of my fellow internauts, I intend to get the site up and running again. As soon as I can be arsed, that is. The bad news for regular churristas and my faithful band of veiny-necked anti-churristas is that the site is going to be taking a new direction.

Catalan nationalism is on the back foot and, as the most anti-nationalist bloke I know, I’m even beginning to piss myself off with my ranting on the injustices of the (gently fading) nationalist hegemony. So the slick-suited smothies from CiU and the barber-dodging time-warp survivors of ERC can rest easy knowing that they won’t be on the wrong end of a keyboard lashing from this part of space (last insults, boys, I promise…).

Dragging myself out of parochialism, the old-look new-outlook site will be taking a sideways glance (mmmm, very radical-sounding, I know) at the wider world with a tinge of Spain thrown in. With its highly pro-institutionalist approach, Spain is starting to carve out something of a niche for itself on the international scene, especially within the EU, and the aim is to reflect on and analyse this in the site.

So stand by for lots of half-baked ideas and crass misunderstandings as I zap down and spout off about subjects on which I really should know better than to start letting my itchy keyboard finger get the better of me on.

As always, if you fancy beaming comments up to Churro, feel free. All comments will be published in their entirety and, where necessary, cordially responded to, except the ones that make me look like a twat, obviously. 

So, strap yourselves in for what could be a rocky landing.


~ by Daniel on July 1, 2007.

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