Terrible twins teetering

Following the decision of one of the members of the three-party coalition in government to pull out of the cosy conservative threesome, elections could be around the corner in Poland. The weirdly named Self Defence Party (do members stick rival MPs in a headlock and say “had enough yet, sonny?” if key votes don’t go their way?) has withdrawn its two ministers from cabinet after drawn-out wrangling with the major party in the coalition over a supposed corruption scandal. This leaves the tough-sounding Law and Justice party to govern with the not-quite-as-overtly-butch Polish League of Families, who between them have 189 seats in the 460-seat lower house. If a proposed vote of no confidence goes through and elections are called, few people outside the religious right in Poland wil be sad to see the back of a government whose more bizarre decisions have included launching an investigation into Tellytubby Tinky Winky’s lifestyle for alleged homosexual leanings and sending the police onto Polish beaches to fine topless sunbathers (even if they’re lying on their fronts).     

Whilst in Poland a couple of weeks ago just about everyone I spoke to saw the government of the terrible Kaczynski twins (of which Prime Minister Jaroslaw still lives with his mum) as a regrettable mistake; however, it was generally viewed as something transitory that would pass without holding back the country’s growth and transformation. As you might guess, I wasn’t collaring uberCatholics on their way out of Mass, so it’s fair to say that the views I got on the country’s government are not representative of the population at large, but even strong opponents regarded the whole thing as an unfortunate blip rather than a serious worry. 

For the EU this is excellent news, as the difficulty of negotiating with Poland on many issues is a serious drag. Though Poland did backfoot to a certain extent at the summit on a new EU charter in June, it is still very resistent to the EU, and more specifically, Germany’s power within the Union. The Polish public, however, is much more Eurofriendly than its conservative-nutter leaders, so it is to be hoped that if early elections are called, the twins, who were recently satirized hanging off Angela Merkel’s breasts on the front cover of Polish political weekly Wprost, will get more time to put into practice the family values which they hold so dear.  


~ by Daniel on August 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Terrible twins teetering”

  1. Well if they really are a self defence party instead of a preventative defence one, they presumably left the government because they had been backed into a corner? Let’s hope the twins are on their way, they have nothing to live for except winning the prize for most ridiculously reactionary government in Europe.

  2. According to today’s El País Jaroslaw says he favours the idea of early elections. Apparently the twins are trailing the liberal Civic Platform Party by 10 points, though it’s fair to say they’re not going through one of their better moments just now.

    Whilst doing some laughably bad schmoozing with Brussels semi-insiders a few months ago I was told that the Czech Republic was more of a worry than Poland as far as the EU is concerned, though nobody told me why and I’ve since neither heard or read anything to this effect.

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